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Host successful virtual trade show in metaverse

A virtual trade show in the metaverse refers to a trade show that takes place in a virtual world, using a 3D virtual environment where attendees can interact with virtual exhibits and connect with other attendees. Our virtual trade show allows exhibitors and attendees to participate in the event from anywhere in the world without the need for physical travel.

In our virtual trade show platform, exhibitors can create virtual exhibits using drag-and-drop 3D models and showcase their products or services to attendees. Attendees can interact with these exhibits and learn more about the products or services being offered. They can also network with other attendees, attend presentations or panel discussions, and participate in other interactive activities.

Virtual Fairs and VR Exhibitions

In the virtual events and exhibitions solution, attendees can explore virtual booths, browse products and services, attend live webinars or presentations, and interact with exhibitors and other attendees. The experience can be highly immersive and interactive, with features such as live chats, video conferencing, and virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) elements. Virtual events and exhibitions offer several advantages over traditional physical events, including increased accessibility, reduced costs, and improved sustainability.

Virtual Conference

Raiden's virtual conference solution creates an immersive and interactive experience that makes attendees feel like they are physically present at the event, even if they are attending remotely. Transform your event from a live stream into an experience to remember. Inspire, engage, and connect your company or brand to the audience and the world emotionally.

Virtual Product launch

For your audience, Raiden's customized virtual product launch experience They may join virtually and communicate with you in real time in the 3D space using a range of tools, including text, audio, emoticons, video, and more. Due to geographical limitations, you are now able to interact with your audience in a way that was previously not feasible.

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